• 81Tell the Time: Flip Flash Pad (2009)
    Help your child to learn, understand and identify the time with this colourful flip flash tell the time pad. Delightful illustrations display times in different formats - analogue and digital - to… 529 руб

  • 82His Last Bow , Артур Конан Дойл
    "His Last Bow" is a collection of seven Sherlock Holmes stories (eight in American editions) by Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as the title of one of the stories in that collection. Adventures involving… руб электронная книга

  • 83Milonga. Николай Тёплый. Альбом _ Milonga. Nikolai Tioply , Николай Тёплый (2012)
    Милонга - это вечер танцев, где танцуют только танго. Танцуют великие танцоры и невеликие. Танцуют люди… 608 руб

  • 84Anna Karenina , Tolstoy Leo (2014)
    Anna opened the carriage and stepped down onto the platform. The wind and snow swirled around her and she took a deep breath of the freezing air. The storm was very powerful now. She took another… 1095 руб

  • 85The Taxidermist's Daughter , Kate Mosse (2014)
    Sussex, 1912. In a churchyard, villagers gather on the night when the ghosts of those who will die in the coming year are thought to walk. Here, where the estuary leads out to the sea, superstitions… 1119 руб

  • 86Outlander , Gabaldon Diana (2014)
    Unrivaled storytelling... unforgettable characters... rich historical detail... these are the hallmarks of Diana Gabaldon's work. Her New York Times bestselling Outlander novels have earned the… 703 руб

  • 87JLA: Volume 1 , Grant Morrison (2013)
    The action begins as the JLA reunites to stop the Hyperclan, who have come to Earth posing as a new group of super heroes. But as their true nature comes to light, only the World's Greatest Super… 1499 руб

  • 88Crave the Night , Lara Adrian (2014)
    With the acclaimed Midnight Breed series, New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian has written thrilling novels of electrifying romance and heart-pounding suspense--page-turners in which humans… 362.7 руб

  • 89The Little Book of Jewish Celebrations , Ronald Tauber (2014)
    From lighting the menorah on Chanukah to standing under the chuppah at a wedding, every Jewish ritual reflects a time-honoured practice passed down for generations. With gilded edges and a… 1369 руб

  • 90Gray Mountain , Grisham John (2014)
    One week ago, Samantha Kofer was a third-year associate at New York City's largest law firm. Now she is an unpaid intern in a legal aid clinic deep in small-town Appalachia. When Lehman Brothers… 650 руб